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Building on more than 50 years of combined veterinary science experience, imRex was incorporated in 1996 as a joint partnership by Drs. Radek & Karol Romanowski. The company was founded on one principal; to provide the optimal choice in high quality and economical products to the animal health industry.

Imrex at-a-glance

Headquarters: Burlington, Ontario Canada

Founded: 1994

Distribution: Canada, USA, UK, EU, Australia, Pacific Rim

Focus: Develops, manufactures and markets dental, behavioural and skin care products for companion animals

BreathaLyser: Leading North American brand of water additive for home dental hygiene maintenance in dogs & cats (ethical channel)


Imrex has helped veterinarians to improve the oral hygiene of their pet patients through innovative, patent pending products over the past 25+ years. Imrex’s innovation in formulation and manufacturing has resulted from its close relationships with its suppliers, scientific and professional collaborators and distribution partners around the globe. The company has enabled thousands of pet owners to finally provide home dental care for their pets using a novel technology and compliant-friendly pathway. Up to 80% of dogs and cats in North America are afflicted with periodontitis by the time they reach 5-6 years of age. Excessive accumulation of tartar and dental plaque leads to expensive professional veterinary cleaning procedures that require anaesthesia, a risky procedure especially in sick or elderly animals. The company’s main product line is devoted to preventative maintenance of the oral cavity, thus reducing the severity of dental problems, alleviating the problems altogether or increasing the interval between professional, dental interventions by veterinarians.

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