Imrex’s animal health products are made available to veterinarians exclusively through the following buying groups:


  •  Associated Veterinary Purchasing Company Limited (AVP)
  •  Centre de Distribution de Médicaments Vétérinaires (CDMV)
  •  Veterinary Purchasing Company Limited (VP)
  •  Western Drug Distribution Center Limited (WDDC)

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Dental Health Studies

Candace Lowe, James Anthony. Pilot study of the effectiveness of a xylitol-based drinking water additive to reduce plaque and calculus accumulation in dogs. Can Vet J 2020;61:63–68 … learn more

Blood glucose and liver function in dogs administered a xylitol drinking water additive at zero, one and five times dosage rates …learn more

Drinking Water Additive Decreases Plaque and Calculus Accumulation in Cats….learn more