What is Plaque?

 Have you thought about why both humans and pets need to brush their teeth and maintain regular oral hygiene.   Your first thought, is to have a nice smile, right?

Or was it plaque? If so, you are on the right track.


But what is plaque? And why can’t we stop it?

The human body and the dog and cat species have regulated body systems with shedding surfaces. These systems help maintain a healthy system. Why are we telling you this, well because the oral cavity is actually the only known system that doesn’t have a regulated shedding system. We are referring to TEETH!

Since teeth don’t have the function of shedding their dirty surface, we must help them out.

As bacteria sit and multiple on teeth, an environment is created for these organisms to live and survive, they form plaque. Dental plaque forms a pale yellow film on teeth. Initially, plaque is soft enough and can be removed by your finger nail, a toothbrush, mouth wash or water additives. However, plaque begins to harden within 48 hours and will become rock hard calculus (tartar) over time. Calculus is difficult to remove using the techniques that remove plaque easily.

Eventually plaque can lead to dental caries (cavities), and more seriously periodontal disease. If untreated this gum disease can lead to pain and loss of teeth.

Take plaque seriously, and follow this guide below on steps to ensuring your pet has good oral hygiene.

Oral Health Diagram