A smile is a universal expression for humor, love and joy. A smile keeps people connected through a simple and easy to read expression of understanding.

Who do we need a smile from more, then our closest friends, our family pets.

The same care and health will benefit your pet as it would yourself. Whether you are a new puppy or kitten owner or the owner of a mature pet, its never too late to give your furry friend the smile that tells you how much they love you.

Give your pet the smile that melts your heart.

To keep an eye on your pets health and to be informed of any potential issues that could affect your pets smile you should have Regular Veterinary Check-ups. Additional to Veterinary visits, you can perform Regular At-Home 5 Senses Checks. 

Read below on how to do the 5 Senses Check.


Plaque and Tartar
Loose or Missing Teeth
Bleeding/Inflamed Gums


Bad Breath


Pawing at the Mouth


Difficulty Chewing


Sounds of Discomfort